What color do you wear the most?

I like anything black.
Definitely neutrals like tan and brown.
I love whites!
Bright and colorful like the rainbow!
Earthy colors all the way.

Pick a puppy:

What is your favorite flavor of icecream?

Homemade Vanilla
Vanilla with a little something sweet on top.
No icecream for me.

What would be the first thing you order at a restaurant?

A sweet refreshing beverage.
I love everything green. Bring on the salad!
Can I have dessert first?
Anything fruity.
The most expensive thing.

Which scenery is the most attractive to you?

What would you want to recieve as a gift from your significant other?

A long written love letter.
A fruit basket or bouque.
Jewlery. Diamonds are a girls best friend.
A beautiful bouque of flowers.
Box of chocolates of course.

What beverage do you crave the most?

I like juice.
Hot chocolate. Especially on cold winter nights.
Coffee... every morning.
Soda. It's so refreshing.
All natural teas.

Are you ready?